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The Socially Innovative Researcher

Recently I directed a course entitled “The Socially Innovative Researcher” in the Chancellors Conference Centre in Manchester. I was joined by a team of experienced colleagues from the University of Manchester (Dr Jim Boran, Dr Lynn Clark, Dr Emily McIntosh & Elizabeth Wilkinson) and the wider Vitae network (Dr Chris Russell, Dr Nathan Ryder & Janet Wilkinson) as…

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Why? and the pyramid of purpose

At the end of November my good friend and colleague Janet Wilkinson from Three Times Three helped me to deliver a session for the UWE Researchers’ Forum. The theme for the forum was “toward a research active lecturing post”, a topic that concerns lots of researchers and academics. On the one hand there are staff…

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What doctoral examiners look for

At a recent doctoral student conference hosted by the Department of Arts at the University of the West of England, Professor Gina Wisker  from the University of Brighton, author of the Postgraduate Research Handbook and The Good Supervisor, was invited to speak about her research. The slides she used at the conference are reproduced here with permission. What are examiners…

A photograph of a hard bound PhD thesis with black cover

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Social media for researcher developers: what’s in it for me? #vitae12

This week, Emma Gillaspy (Vitae NW Hub Manager) and I presented a workshop at the Vitae International Researcher Development Conference  [#vitae12] on the topic of using social media. This time it was aimed at folks, who like me, are employed to support the development of researchers. The background to this is that researchers are changing…

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Managing Working Relationships

This is an interesting workshop that I ran at the beginning of the week; the title is more inclusive than its predecessor which would be something like “The Student-Supervisor Relationship”. Ostensibly what I set out to do was to help researchers (both students and staff) understand a little more about their preferred ways of working…

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