Rethinking training and development in an online context #Vitaecon2020

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At the Vitae International Researcher Development Conference in 2017, I gave a presentation about the Future Challenges of Doctoral Training. Fast forward three years and I am hosting a session at the Vitae Connections Week 2020 with colleagues from Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter Universities to explore where we are now. Back in 2017, I used multiple references to the Back to the Future movies and, whilst I don’t actually have a DeLorean Time Machine, I think I was close to the reality we face now.

It’s about three Cs – Curation, Community and Camera

Paul Spencer, September 2017
The Three Cs describing the future of doctoral training

We can now add a further C – Covid 19! This has brought about an accelerated change in practice amongst researcher development colleagues. Although it is quite a challenge to reorient to a new digital first approach, colleagues have noted positive outcomes from this also. As part of preparing for this session, my esteemed colleagues pre recorded their experiences in the following video.

Researcher developers share their experience on online training and development

Outcomes from the session

During the session on Thursday 17 September, we collated those perspectives in a padlet (one of the many tools that folks are now using to support learning!).

Click on this link to view the padlet or click on the image below

The good folks on twitter continued the conversation and shared examples of resources they find useful. Some examples below.

As ever I’m always happy to continue to share and bounce ideas around, why not leave a comment?

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