Your PhD in 2 minutes!

From the makers of PhD Comics….

This is essentially a competition to communicate your research in an accessible way. It’s part of my life to encourgae researchers to do this, I’ve written about communication here and here. That’s why I’m glad that Jorge Cham is raising the bar and injecting a bit of fun into the process.

Focussing on why and taking the time to be creative without dumbing down are two key ingredients for engagement about the research we do.

The 2 minute thesis competition is now over and the winners and entries can all be found here:

PhD – The Movie to be screened at UWE

About 6 months ago, the news of the forthcoming release of the Piled Higher and Deeper live action film had me all excited. Then I promised to try and find a way that it could be screened at UWE – I just needed to find the right reason….

I have. Put Tuesday 24th April at 4pm in your diary folks! 

Update: UWE research students & staff can now register here (may need to log in if off campus)



Download this file

Download this file

And here’s the trailer….




PHD Movie Trailer from PHD Comics on Vimeo.