New-ish beginnings

Photograph taken by Paul Spencer at Buckland Hall in May 2010

Around 18 months ago I started writing a blog on Posterous []. It was my way of keeping my thoughts about the researcher skills development workshops that I run out of my head, allowing me to focus on other things that were coming up. I really like the simplicity of the Posterous platform, it makes it easier to focus on writing something and sharing presentation materials. Yet, ever since Posterous was bought out by Twitter I have been looking over the fence at the other blogging platforms; partly because I fear that Posterous will disappear and partly because I think I am ready to experiment with a more comprehensive blogging platform.

So here we are, I’ve moved house to and, much like moving house in the real world, I have brought most of my stuff lock, stock & barrel over from the old place. I am settling in and I find myself re-arranging the furniture to suit the new pad.

I hope you like it.

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