Welcome to EdD – part 2

The word welcome created from 3 dimensional letteringThis week UWE are running a short welcome session for doctoral candidates who are studying on one of the professional doctorate routes – the EdD. This programme has two major parts to it, the first being comprised of a structured taught element and the second is the supervised research phase. An overview of this professional doctorate can be found on the following UWE Course page.

We are also being quite innovative with this particular session because the presenters will be physically located at UWE, Bristol and the participants will be joining remotely using a video conferencing client called Visimeet.

The agenda for the day is contained in the presentation which I have embedded below.

The following links may also be helpful to the participants for reference:

The UWE Graduate School Webpage

The contact details for the Graduate School Officers & Administrators

The Vitae Researcher Development website

Information about the Researcher Development Framework

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