Hello, it’s been a while…

I suppose this blog entry really is a note addressed to self. It’s been a while since you’ve written anything and this is not good. You must remind yourself to write about the following as soon as you can:

  1. “How to win funds & influence people”  – a workshop that I ran a few weeks back (before Easter) that serves as an introduction to applying for research funding.
  2. “Research in Context” [insert link here when you’ve done it] a pilot workshop developed by the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE).
  3. reSEARCH Careers [insert link here when you’ve done it] – a regional event organised by the SW& Wales hub of Vitae that brought employers and researchers together. 
  4. The UWE Graduate School launch

It’s this last one that has kept me extremely busy of late, organising, editing, recording, did I mention organising….

Anyway, here’s some videos that show what I’ve been upto…

10 Reasons to do a doctorate

The animation was by an alumni of the UWE MA Animation course, David Hutchinson. I captured the views of the research students and did the audio editing/transcriptions.

We didn’t want to leave out the supervisors in this so here’s…

10 Reasons to be a doctoral supervisor

Again, animation by David Hutchinson and I chased down supervisors to capture their views. It was a bit of an ambush…!

and lastly, here’s another bit of video – this time some good ol’ fashioned straight talking about the new UWE Graduate School..


I’m still very busy because the launch event is on Tuesday and there is much left to do… but I promise (myself) that I will write the entries above.

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