PhD – The Movie. Coming soon to a university near you?

A few weeks ago I spied an announcement from the makers of the “Piled Higher and Deeper” comic strip that they had gone and made a film. Now this has me quite excited because, although the protagonists of this comic strip are set in the U.S., the shenanigans portrayed translate very well to the UK experience of being a doctoral student. The trailer is enticing…

So here’s the deal. I would very much like to be able to screen the PhD movie when it comes out (from 15 September 2011) at UWE, Bristol. We’ve got a cinema after all! I have tentatively signed up as being an interested party and now have been told an approximate cost to screen it (about US$500). But now I need to build a case for spending that amount.

So to you dear research students, how can I convince the budget holders that holding a film night is a good use of our development funds? How can I make it a worthwhile event? Tie in with a ‘welcome to UWE’ event? 

Thoughts, suggestions & comments welcome. I’m on a mission…

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