The Digital Researcher Evaluation – blog style

On Tuesday 14th June, we ran a course at UWE entitled “Becoming a digital researcher” (#druwe) which was facilitated by Dr Tristram Hooley from the University of Derby with a little help from me. Throughout the day we covered:-

  • Personal Learning Environment – How and where do we get our information from
  • Social Media Tools – The technical bit of using tools is less important that the wider principle of exploiting networks to enhance your personal learning environment
  • Networks – It really is all about your networks, the strength of them. It is that that pays dividends when using social media in your research area

I am reposting the slides that Tristram used on the day below: 


Download this file

What Tristram and I would like is for participants of the day is to give us some feedback on how it went, the content, the delivery with a view to understanding what it is that we can do to make it better. Neither of us are “gurus” of social media but we both have experience of being researchers and using some of the tools available. Did we get it right?

I noticed that Ann Grand has written a reflective blog entry about the day and I would encourage you to either do something similar (it will give an excuse to write another blog entry!) or use the comments section below this post to add your thoughts. 

Thanks for taking the time to attend.

2 thoughts on “The Digital Researcher Evaluation – blog style

  1. Thanks to both Tristram & Paul for a very informative day. I have finally taken the plunge and have now joined facebook!! I’m also encouraging my colleagues to use social media in their research.

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