Experimental blogging at #druwe

In the afternoon session of the “Becoming a digital researcher” course at UWE, we have just talked about using blogs. There was lots of discussion around why folks use them. For me, I wanted a place to put my “work” thoughts, stuff on my bread and butter existence, that of researcher skills development.

Dr Tristram Hooley talking about blogs

Dr Tristram Hooley talking about blogs

It’s been interesting to hear others talk about using it to balance out parts of their lives, somehow organising it, compartmentalising so to speak.

Recently, I followed the writing a blog session that Vitae ran for PGR research students entitled “what’s up doc” and I saw (on twitter) many hints and tips about writing a blog. You can find some of that here.

I do suffer from “performance anxiety” a bit so work hard to suspend my quality control feature in my brain before writing, just to tell it like it is really.

I now need to work on being a bit more regular with my posting because I have things I want to put up just find excuses not to make the time.

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