Practical housekeeping for your data


We are moving inexorably toward an open research environment where the outputs of research, the data that it was produced from and, to a degree, the design of the research itself, is becoming open, transparent and collaborative.

Part of the challenge of adjusting to this openess is balancing preservation of data collected in terms of privacy and/or anonymity of those involved and being transparent about the basis on which claims are made. From a practical point of view, there are logistical challenges around the collection, handling, storage, transmission and future preservation of data that require some planning.

This session was based around some of these practicalities – some provocation perhaps about the needs of researchers and support offered by research organisations. It was facilitated by Jenni Crossley of the UWE Bristol Library and Jen Quah from the UWE Research Administration team

The slides used to support this session are embedded below.

Further resources and links

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